WATCH: Vin Diesel sings his heart out for Valentine's Day and it's not that bad

Guess what? Actor Vin Diesel can sing. Well, sort of.

He just needs to work a bit harder on hitting the high notes.

The muscled one performed Maroon 5 and Gwen Stefani's My Heart Is Open and posted a video of it on his Facebook page with the caption, "Happy V day..."

We love how he wasn't self conscious at all.

And the fact that he sang most, if not all of the song, with his eyes closed meant he took the effort to memorise the lyrics.

'A' for effort. And confidence. And that rock star attitude. And those rippling muscles.





We 'heart' you too, Vin Diesel.


Surprisingly, Facebook users weren't too harsh on the man.

How far was it from the original? Judge it for yourself.


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