WATCH: What was Mrs Jay Chou like at 15? These videos reveal all

You know her as Mrs Jay Chou.

But Hannah Quinlivan, 20, deserves to be known for something other then being married to a Taiwanese pop star.

Some handily subtitled videos have emerged of her getting an early first taste of the limelight in 2008.

She was just 15 and was featured in a segment on hit Taiwanese variety show, Blackie's Teenage Club.

Just a word of caution: We don't know what she's like now, but back then she was really messy.

She also had a number of weird habits. For instance, she sucked pacifiers so that her face would stay slim. (Really!)

She also had a huge crush on a Taiwanese singer and wrote him a cringe-worthy love letter. Hint: It's NOT Chou.







The star in question was Show Luo. According to Asian Pop News, when Luo was asked if he knew of Quinlivan's crush on him, it appeared to be the first he was hearing about it.

What followed was a swift and somewhat nervous sounding statement to quash of any possible rumours that could rise from the revelation.

He said:

"Jay is my buddy! She is already married! Like is like, admire is just admire, but the one she truly loves is Jay." 

Source: YouTube, Asian Pop News


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