What did Obama Get Prince George for his birthday?

It's the birthday of the most famous baby ever, Prince George. What do you get him? 

Stumped by the question? Don't worry, we're pretty sure US President Barack Obama had to think long and hard about it as well.

Mr Obama eventually settled on a polo mallet and a rocking horse for the little prince, who turned one on July 22.

According to E! Online, the wooden toy was partly made from a branch of an oak tree which once stood on the South Lawn of the White House.

The gift will be on display at Buckingham Palace during an upcoming exhibition called Royal Childhood.

The exhibition will feature well-loved toys, family gifts, and small outfits of the British royal family over the past 250 years.

Here are a few other items that will be on display.

A geography exercise book belonging to Prince William when he was 5.

 A miniature James Bond DB5 that was presented to Britain's Prince Andrew by the Aston Martin company in 1965.

Wooden nursery chairs that were used by Princes William and Harry. (Prince William's chair looks a tad more comfortable.)

A tea set belonging to Queen Elizabeth from around 1930.

A pair of fur-lined velvet boots that was worn by Prince Albert Edward in 1842.

A casket containing the first teeth of Queen Victoria's children dated from around 1860.

Two dolls belonging to Queen Elizabeth from her childhood. 

A replica of the cake chosen to celebrate the christening of Queen Victoria’s youngest son, Prince Leopold, in 1853.

Sources: AFP, Reuters, E! Online

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