What did you do to yourself Jessica Alba?!

Okay, relax.

Jessica Alba did not just accidentally cut her face in a dozen different spots. 

It's just her new look for upcoming movie Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. 

Alba returns to the Sin City series as exotic dancer Nancy, but she's not the same sweetie pie she was in 2005's Sin City movie. 

 A Dame to Kill For.

In a new teaser for the movie, she's seen staring, distraught, into a mirror, before grabbing a pair of scissors.

"Maybe I'll go crazy," she says, angrily chopping off her own locks. 

In the background stands Detective John Hartigan (Bruce Willis), who ended his life in the first Sin City movie to protect Nancy from the villainous Roark family. 

Pretty easy to guess what she's after with her new vixen look ... Revenge. 

The movie opens here in August. 

Source: YouTube