'Where's Jaycee Chan' game goes viral

Where's singer-actor Jaycee Chan? 

The real answer to that, of course, is most likely a cell somewhere, being interrogated for the names of his other celebrity friends who use drugs

But on the Internet, that question has been turned into a fun 'Where's Wally'-type game that has gone viral, being played over 60 million times since its release Tuesday, reports the BBC. 

The aim of the game? To find the one picture of Chan amid a sea of pictures of his good friend, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko Chen-Tung. 

Chan, of course, was arrested last week alongside Ko in an ongoing crackdown of celebrity drug use in China. 

In the game, which is called 'The National Search for Jaycee', you have 60 seconds to find and click on Chan's picture. As the game progresses, more and more Ko pictures pop up to distract you from your mission. 

According to the BBC, the game proved popular on Chinese messaging app WeChat.

One WeChat user was quoted as saying: "It's a great shame about his career but I had fun playing the game; it seemed pointless but proved to be very addictive." 

Play the game here

Source: BBC



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