Will Taken 3 be the last of the series?

For the third time, action hero Liam Neeson is back playing retired CIA agent Bryan Mills for the latest instalment of Taken.

Photos of scenes from the latest Taken were released on Tuesday showing the 62-year-old Irish actor looking like how he normally does in these movies : Tense and serious.

Neeson also spoke to USA Today confessing that the upcoming film will likely be the last Taken movie for him.

"I think this is the end.

"If my daughter was 'taken' again on a trip, Bryan Mills would have to be certifiably locked up for bad parenting," he said, joking about the multiple kidnappings that have befallen his fictional family.

In the next Taken movie, however, it isn't the bad guys who are after him, it's the good guys.

Neeson's character is suspected of killing a friend and thus gets hunted by the authorities.

"I have to go on the run, I'll put it that way," he said in the interview.

 "From the not-so-lawful types and the lawful authorities. Bryan Mills served his country faithfully, but now even they are after him. They must not like me."

Photos: YouTube

The original cast of Maggie Grace, who plays Neeson's daughter and Famke Janssen, who is her mom return, while Forest Whitaker joins the team as a lawman who may or may not be helping Neeson.

As for Whitaker's big moment with the action star, he said, "There's no big fight between us, which I would have loved."

Taken and Taken 2 racked up more than US$600 million (S$672 million) around the globe. So the question is, how well will the third installment do? And will it really the last?

What do you think? Do you want Taken to end at number three?

I mean, realistically speaking, how many more times can Neeson and his family get kidnapped and escape without anyone dying right?

Sources: Daily Mail

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