YouTube star Michelle Phan being sued

YouTube make-up star Michelle Phan is being sued by a record company. 

Ultra Records says she has been using music by artists like DJ Kaskade and Deadmau5 in her videos without permission, reports TMZ.

According to the suit, the videos in question, including this tutorial below on make-up for a night out, have garnered over 150 million views.



What are they asking for? 

Well, money - lots of it. 

Ultra wants Phan to reveal how much money she's made off her YouTube videos. 

They say that Phan was "made aware" she would need to get a license to continue using the songs, but she never did, reports Billboard. 

Well, she shouldn't have too much of a problem handling their claims - according to a report by The Fashion Spot, Phan, who has a lucrative endorsement deal with Lancome, earned US$5 million (S$6.2 million) last year. 

Sources: TMZ, Billboard