23 great costumes at New York Comic Con

The New York Comic Con is on at the Jacob Javitz Center from now till Sunday.

Here are some kooky costumes from the four-day event that make us wish we were there.

1. Harley Quinn, super villain from the Batman comic books

2. Star-Lord, leader of superhero team Guardians of the Galaxy

3. Spiderman, Marvel Comics superhero

4. Joker, super villain from the Batman comic books

5. The Warriors, a street gang from the 1979 film The Warriors

6. The Black Swan, a ballet dancer from the 2010 film Black Swan

7. Superman, DC Comics​ superhero

8. Venom, a sentient alien from the Marvel Comics universe

9. No-Face, a spirit from 2001 Japanese animated film Spirited Away

10. A member from American hard rock band Kiss 

11. Hard Gay, a Japanese comedian and retired professional wrestler

12. War Machine, Marvel Comics superhero

13. The Silence, a religious order from TV show Doctor Who

14. Ice King, a character in animated TV series Adventure Time

15. Robbers from video game Payday

16. Blue skin, red hair. We're thinking baby Mystique (super villain from X-men)?


Here are a few others. Do you know who they are?


17. Some kind of angel?

18. Who or what is this?

19. Cool hair, bro

20. Angel? Demon?

21. We really don't know this one.

22. Leopard man? Cheetah man? Cat man? All we know is that he's a luchador (a wrestler)

23. Okay this is the last one. We give up.

Photos: AFP

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