5 great tips for (organising) the bedroom

Toys, books, shoes, clothes. Many of us have a habit of accumulating more than we really have space for.

This also means your room is screaming for space.

But there are some handy, near stylish ways to keep your rooms from being less cluttered.


You may think you have packed your room with fixtures and fittings but there is a lot of unutilised space in a bedroom.

There's always the walls, and if you are the type to have a large collection of heels and want to have the feel of a walk-in wardrobe, you can turn your collection into an artistic and practical wall feature.

There are wall hanging shoe racks available to buy 

Alternatively, some strong adhesive and a strip of crown molding is also a way to display your best footwear.





​On a similar space-utilising tip, there are other oft-glossed over spaces in your bedroom.

The back of your closet door holds many possibilities for storing items like ties, belts, scarves, hats or even undergarments.

You could buy adjustable hanger straps that you can clip and hang items on.

You can set your own pattern with self-adehisive or screw-in wall hooks, but the strap advantage is that you don't damage your door.



A similar idea to the shoes for those with a purse collection.

You can turn a plain wall into something that looks like a modern art installation. 

The other advantage is that with your bags on display, your entire collection is more accessible and you are less likely to have a pile of forgotten bags.

It certainly beats sticking them away in storage. 



And then there is the bottom of the wardrobe.

It is surprising how many of us do not make use of this sizable space. For some it's a dumping ground for forgotten clothes or a holding area for suitcases. For others it is simply the catchment for what fell off the clothes rack.

But there is a wealth of space that can be used down there.

You could keep your shoes on a shoe rack under your clothes.

A handy way to check that your entire ensemble matches. Just be sure to get those bags of activated bamboo charcoal to neutralise any niffs.

Finding stackable, front-opening storage containers opens up many options.

Plastic or fabric-covered, turn one big space into an interchangeable stack of goodies.



Toys don't always need to be kept in containers.

And if you have kids, you know that toys rarely stay in one place, often turning up all over the home.

Creating colour-coded shelves (where only items of a similar colour to the shelf can be placed) could help instill an idea of what items live where, rather than just the arduos process of scooping and stuffing everything back into a box.

The sorting can even become an educational game.

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