7 craziest requests from hotel guests

What are the craziest things hotel guests ask for?

Travel search site Skyscanner asked 400 hotel workers from 49 countries that question. 

Here are the top 7.

1. One glass of water on the hour every hour, through the night

Yes, keeping hydrated is important. But this guest is clearly overdoing it. A good night's sleep is important too, you know.


2. 15 cucumbers a day

You can eat one and put one on your eyes. But what do you do with the other 13?


3. Toilet to be filled with mineral water

We don't know what to make of this one. Did he plan to drink from it?


4. Bath filled with honey

Well we can't fault him for wanting to live like royalty. But cleaning up after the bath must be a nightmare.


5. Sound of goat bells to aid sleep

What's wrong with the sound of the sea; Or the background noise from the TV; Or better still, silence.


6. Only the right legs of a chicken to be served

Because eating the left legs just wouldn't be right.


7. A dead mouse

Better check the room for a cat.