7 crazy outfits at the Underwear Run

Running around in a park in nothing but our underwear sounds like a cruel punishment or crazy dare.

But for 500 people, it was a great way to mark the start of a gruelling triathlon for fitness buffs of the highest order.

The annual 2.7km fun run, aptly called the Underwear Run, took place in Central Park on Friday before the main event, the Panasonic New York City Triathlon, on Sunday.

Here's seven crazy outfits we loved.

You're looking at the winner of the Best Dressed. 

Taking a walking stick to a race. Now that's dedication to keeping fit.

If you want to see hot bods, you're looking in the wrong place. You'll have better luck at the main event, though they won't be shirtless like this dude.

Wait a sec, we take that back. Hi there, cowboy.

Crazy pink wig. Why not.

The event's actually a great time to show off body art. Who knew?

And the best for the last. We love your accessories, boys.

Photos: Reuters

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