Aljunied is love? Singaporean comes up with puns on MRT station names

Next time you are bored at an MRT station, here's something that will help you pass your time.

​Pamela Tham uploaded a Facebook album filled with puns using the names of MRT stations. Having received more than 1,200 shares, the public contributed their puns - and some have made it into the album.

All photos below are by Pamela Tham unless otherwise stated.

She states in the album description that she was inspired by a Malaysian who came back from his Hong Kong trip with many puns using subway station names.

And so she wanted to get in on the action as well.

Unsure if it will work? You're not the only one.

Most Singaporean parents will say this at least once in their lifetime.

Where are all the karang gunis at?

First world problems.

At least we try...

We've all been there.

Photo by Sgag

Then you can use this pick-up line on the chiobu.

Where else can we find love?

Photo by Vanessa Koh

So what do we blame it on? 

That's a wrap!

Photo by Joel Ng

Source: Facebook, Sgag