Is this art? Screenshot of message board post 'sells' for more than $100,000 on eBay

​Will people buy just about anything these days?

​A screenshot of a contemplative post on 4chan, an image message board, about art has now been reportedly ​sold for US$90,900 ($113,306). Well, at least that's the closing bid in an online auction.

Lest you think it's a piece of outstanding poetry or prose set on taking on the world, it's really not.

In fact, this is what the post says:

Art used to be something to cherish.

Now literally anything could be art.

This post is art.


Hmm, we'll reserve our judgment on whether this post is indeed art.

The bid for this piece by "Artwork by Anonymous" started at a mere $500, and surpassed $10,000 36 hours later.

Reddit users have commented that these bids could probably be fake as it is easy to cancel a sale after a successful bid.

There are also no penalties for refusing to pay.

Sources: Reddit, Recode