Bored of his drab office walls, employee uses over 8,000 Post-Its to create superheroes.

More than 8,000 Post-It notes turned a boring office wall into a vibrant, youthful office.

BEFORE                                                                                        AFTER

The office from near my deskA mockup of the far wall

Ben Brucker, an employee of a creative agency in San Francisco, was "so tired of how sterile and boring" his office felt.

So he wanted to do something about it. 

They couldn't paint the walls because of budget constraints and they knew it would be difficult to remove (the office is moving to another space in a few months).

So Brucker and his colleagues settled on a cheaper, temporary solution: Sticky Post-It notes.

And the next step: What should be on the walls?

Brucker said: "I wanted something colourful, playful, and inspiring. My creative director and I tossed around some ideas including famous portraits and pixelated iconic posters.

"Eventually, he suggested superheroes... (They) are strong and inspiring figures. They are iconic, and recognisable," Brucker said on Reddit. 

Another mockup

Among some of the heroes were Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Superman, Batman and Spider-Man.



Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Iron Man

Iron Man





Roping in his agency colleagues, they managed to do up the wall in a day. 


Here is a timelapse video:



Source: Reddit, Bored Panda







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