Can a slap be like a hug? Judge for yourself

Would you slap a stranger if your friend asked you too? 

Forty people did so at the request of filmmaker Max Landis.

The result is a strangely compelling video that lasts four minutes. It was inspired by a video of beautiful people kissing that went viral - that video turned out to be an advertisement for clothes, reported The Concourse. 

Mr Landis' theory behind the video is that violence minus aggression equals intimacy.

He paired acquaintances and friends up randomly and asked them to hit each other in the face, reported People Magazine.

He wrote on YouTube: "I had a theory: If we let people slap each other, most of them, after the initial hit, will start testing each other and themselves, playing with their own boundaries."

He said that a slap mitigated by permission is a hug. Watch his explanation here

Do you agree?

Here's some of the slapping action.

Sources: The Concourse, People Magazine