Care to karaoke from the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge this CNY?

Karaoke fans: Now you can scream, er sing, from the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

BridgeClimb, the folks who have been helping tourists climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge since 1996, is inviting people who speak Mandarin to take its special BridgeClimb Mandarin route this coming festive season. 

Once you get to the top of the bridge, you can choose one of five songs to sing - though no song titles were specified on the BridgeClimb site (there has to be a Jacky Cheung song, right?). 

You'd better rehearse - your sky high performance will be recorded in a short clip for you to keep. 

This special Karaoke Climb will only be available from Feb 16 to Feb 28, and will feature commentary in Mandarin. 

Source: BridgeClimb

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