Check out this bake queen's extremely creepy cakes

What can go wrong while baking waffle cones, apple pie and bread? A lot, if you're Christine McConnell.

Ms McConnell bakes waffle cones.

The talented Los Angeles-based photographer and baker is a creative genius and it shows in her cooking.

Apple pie with crushed pecans and salted caramel.

The 32-year-old, however, seems to favour her creations with a chilling twist.

Fancy a voodoo-inspired birthday cake?

She told BuzzFeed: "I’m very enamoured with the style of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. But I love the goofy sense of comedy that came out of the 1980s. So my work is kind of a pretty, spooky combination of those things."

What about a little death and destruction for dessert?

Or a creepy facehugger from the movie Alien as your centrepiece? (Don't worry, it's just a huge shortbread cookie.) reported that Tim Burton, Vincent Price, Alfred Hitchcock and Paula Deen are her idols.

But it isn't all doom, gloom and creepy creations. On occasion, Ms McConnell also puts her baking skills to more normal endeavours. 

Normal, yes, but also incredibly detailed.

Even strawberry cream cakes get an extremely delicate touch.

Peach cobbler cake looking extremely yummy. Hungry, anyone?

And on ever rarer occasions, she mixes cute and creepy with amusing results.

Chicken pot pie with, well, a chicken in it.

But this isn't the end of what the self-taught baker, who learnt from watching YouTube videos, does.

Ms McConnell also creates stunning shots of herself at work.

When Ms McConnell isn't cooped up in the kitchen, the trained hair and make-up stylist is out composing incredible photo shoots, reported

And in the remainder of her spare time, the artist can also be found painting.

If you are as impressed with her work as we are, check out her Instagram here. Just don't blame us for any nasty surprises.

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