Could cycling lead to growth of new 'testicle' for men and women?

In today's bizarre health news ...

Researchers in South Africa are saying that cycling has led to a small group of people growing a lump - known as a "cyclist's nodule" - in their groin area. 

And it's not just men who are affected - women have been known to develop the condition as well, reports Mirror Online. 

The report in the South African Journal of Sports Medicine says the lump develops after repeated vibration and fiction between the lowest bones of the pelvis, the tissue under the skin of the bottom, and the bike saddle. 

It cited a case in which a 29-year-old female cyclist developed the nodule. 

Wait, so is it permanent?

Thankfully, that same female cyclist could do something about her condition.

The report stated: "She was reluctant to give up the sport and opted to change the saddle, which, on follow-up, appears to have helped."

Other treatments cited by the report include surgery or a steroid injection. 

Source: Mirror Online