Dad and girl, 3, groove to Let It Go

An adorable new home video shows a three-year-old girl and her stepfather singing to the popular Frozen animated movie soundtrack, Let It Go.

Blakely Pittman from Dallas, Texas, is seen sitting at the back of a car enthusiastically singing the lyrics while her dad, William Bonney, joins from the driver's seat.

Mr Bonney also claps his hands and grooves from side-to-side with his stepdaughter mirroring from behind.

To date, the clip has been watched more than 4.8 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube on June 23.

Blakely's mother, Britny Pittman, who filmed the clip, said that she recently asked her daughter to sing again and got the response "talk to my agent".

Mr Bonney, who works as a radio DJ, says that he's been shocked by how much attention the video has generated.

Source: YouTube