This designer's home-brewed beer resume is a hit

Here's how to ensure your prospective employers are in a good mood while considering your job application. 

A Canadian graphic designer treated his employers to homemade blonde ale with samples of his artwork wrapped around the bottles.

His resume was printed on the four-pack packaging.

Mr Brennan Gleason, came up with this creative idea - called "Résum-Ale" - for a final-year university assignment to create a work of self-promotion.

Mr Gleason shared his piece of creativity on portfolio-sharing website,

He wanted something original to give his potential employers an idea of his twin passions - beer brewing and design. 

The blonde ale took about seven weeks while the packaging took three. Each resume cost about C$7 (S$8) to make. 

"I sent about three of them out to places I knew. I really wanted to get a job at and ended up getting a few offers right away," Mr Gleason said, reported Digital Journal. 

An impressed employer from 2K Games, an American video games developer. 

First impression

But Mr Gleason did not think alcohol alone was enough to impress his employers, Huffington Post reported. 

He said: "I think it’s mostly just because it's different from a traditional resume.

"As designers, were always trying to show off our creativity. That’s the first impression these companies see."

The resume worked wonders.

Mr Gleason now works as creative director for a Vancouver-based digital marketing agency.

Sources: Digital Journal, Huffington Post

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