Dog apologises to baby for stealing toy

Prepare to be awwww-ed.

Charlie the dog or "Charlie Da Dog", to go by his street name, felt so guilty after "stealing" baby Laura Olivia's toy that he not only brings the toy back but her also brings other toys and places it in her baby cradle.

See what you did Charlie?! Bad dog!

Ok, Ok, I'll give back.

At one point threatening to turn Laura into a toy mountain.

We good, dawg?

The video of the moment was uploaded on YouTube at the end of April has now received close to 3 million views on YouTube.

Laura's parents (and Charlie's owner) have been documenting the life of Charlie through his own YouTube Channel.

In the video where Charlie meets baby Laura for the first time, Charlie can be seen taking a liking to baby Laura almost immediately.

Now that Charlie is internet-famous, we await the day when he gets his first role in a Hollywood role. 

Source: YouTube, Facebook.