How to transition your style from your 20s to 30s

Your 20s are a period when you can wear anything with little consequences.

But the years have whizzed by and suddenly, you find yourself in the realm of the 30s, knee-deep in #adulting with important responsibilities and decisions to make.

Still, it does not mean you have to make the transition from youthful to snooze-worthy fashion.

YAY: Elegant sundresses

NAY: Tight bodycon dresses

Most women would have owned one at one point in their lives. The bodycon is a perfect party outfit, especially when you want to flaunt those curves loud and proud.

But now is the time to project a more classy elegance.

Go for breezy sundresses that reveal an enticing bit of skin, such as your back or your collarbone. It is way sexier that way.

YAY: Pencil skirts

NAY: Micro miniskirts

We do love a short hem. Still, donning too tiny a skirt puts you at risk of revealing more than you should.

Instead, go for decent lengths such as a pencil skirt - it is stylish and multi-occasion, allowing you to dress up and dress down as you see fit.

Go for skirts with cool details such as chequered or leopard prints to avoid looking prudish.

YAY: Simple necklaces

NAY: Too much layering of chunky accessories

Remember that it is quality over quantity. Choose just one statement piece, it is enough to transform your outfit from drab to fab.

If you must layer, go for dainty chains. Keep it to two pieces max, and make sure the rest of your look is minimal.

YAY: Comfortable yet chic heels

NAY: Sky-high stilettos

You are no longer at an age where you can afford to forgo comfort just to make a statement.

Go for a pair of classic pointed-toe pumps in suede. Or opt for a pair of sleek sandals - your feet will thank you.

YAY: A leather jacket

NAY: A faux leather jacket

Faux leather jackets are for 20-somethings looking for a bit of edge without wanting to splash out too much cash.

While these pieces are good for the moment, you get what you pay for - they wear out and start peeling pretty quickly, especially in humid weather.

It is high time you invest in a solid piece that will last you a good number of years (provided you take care of it).

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