Fish stage coup in abandoned Thai mall

Well, not literally, because that would be weird.

But the flooded ground floor of the abandoned New World mall in Bangkok has been overrun by thousands of fish of various types.



This isn't a case of life mysteriously springing up out of nowhere.

According to the Bangkok Post, fish were introduced to the flooded ground floor sometime around 2003-2004 after the people living in the surrounding area were affected by the mosquitoes that were breeding in the area.

The abandoned mall-turned-fish pond was a local secret until pictures of the area emerged online, like on the blog of netizen Jesse Rockwell, whose pictures were picked up by online outlets such as The Verge.

Photo: Jesse Rockwell

But what happened?

According to online site Coconuts Bangkok, the originally mall was a glittery 11-storey mall.

It was later found to be seven storeys too tall according to a local building law, so it was closed in 1997.

In that same year, a fire engulfed the building, and the roof was dismantled, hence the flooding on the ground floor.  

This definitely puts a new spin to the tag line Amazing Thailand.

Source: Bangkok Post, YouTube, The Verge, Coconuts Bangkok