GALLERY: Adorable animals celebrate Christmas all over the world

Animals are getting in on the holiday spirit in zoos all over the world and it's everything you expect it to be - adorable and heartwarming.

In South Korea, little cubs are spreading the Christmas cheer at a zoo where visitors can come and watch the baby lion and tiger as they play in Santa hats and reindeer antlers.

Zoo keeper Kim Gim Mok said: "This is the first Christmas for them, so we prepared a special event. As they're getting teeth, now it's the time their teeth are itching so we gave them presents such as wooden toys. We hope they have a happy Christmas."

In other zoos in France, China, Tokyo, Manila, Germany, Sydney and Scotland, animals were given Christmas trees and presents, all mostly filled with food.

A chimpanzee opens a Christmas package filled with food at the zoo in La Fleche, western France, on December 23, 2014.

A white tiger catches in his mouth a wrapped Christmas package filled with food at the zoo in La Fleche.

A white lion tries to open a wrapped package filled with food as a Christmas gift.

A zookeeper in a Santa Claus costume feeds ring-tailed lemurs at Tokyo's Ueno zoological garden.

An employee dressed as Santa Claus feeds monkeys ahead of Christmas at a zoo in Kunming, Yunnan province.

Zoo owner Manny Tangco feed reindeers during the Animal Christmas party at Malabon Zoo in Manila.

Manny Tangco holds snakes around his neck behind an Orangutan during the Animal Christmas party at Malabon Zoo in Manila.

Tian Tian, a giant panda prepares to eat a special Christmas panda cake crafted in the shape of a Christmas tree in the outdoor enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo ,Scotland.

Kamchatka Brown Bear Mascha stands beside a Christmas tree, decorated with fruits and fish, at Hagenbecks zoo in Hamburg.

People walk past a model of a dinosaur, with Santa Claus hat and gloves seen on it, at the "Dinosaurs Park" located in the Taiga area at the Royev Ruchey zoo in the suburbs of Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

A 13-month-old chimp named Fumo leaps onto a 'Christmas present' box, which contained food treats, during a Christmas-themed feeding session at Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo. Photos: Reuters, AFP

Sources: Reuters, AFP

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