GALLERY: Coal mining in Punjab

Workers at this mine in Choa Saidan Shah dig coal with pick axes, break it up and load it onto donkeys to be transported to the surface.

Employed by private contractors, a team of four workers can dig about a ton of coal a day, for which they earn around US$10 (S$12.50) to be split between them.

The coal mine is in the heart of Punjab, Pakistan's most populous and richest province, but the labourers mostly come from the poorer neighbouring region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Donkeys stand at the entrance of a coal mine in Choa Saidan Shah, Punjab province.

Miner Mohammad Ismail digs in a coal mine.

Samiullah breaks coal inside a mine.

A miner with a donkey makes his way through the tunnel leading out of a coal mine.

Miners rest in their rooms at the end of the day at a coal field.

A miner plays cricket in the evening at a coal field in Choa Saidan Shah, Punjab province.

Source: Reuters