GALLERY: Supermoon lights up night skies

People around the world have been enjoying a lunar spectacle dubbed the supermoon. 

It​ is technically known as a "perigee moon," and occurs when the moon is full as it reaches perigee, the point of its orbit closest to the earth,

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said in a statement. It looks largest when it's closest to the horizon - an optical illusion.

"However, if it gets people out and looking at the night sky and maybe hooks them into astronomy, then it's a good thing," Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory, said on NASA's website.

The moon of enormous proportions was in full view on Sunday as the satellite reached one of its closest points to Earth during its orbit. From Malta to London, the shining supermoon was quite the sight for on lookers in cloudless skies. The moon will actually reach its closest point all decade during the full moon on Nov 14, 2016 when it will be a mere 220,000 miles (355,000 km) away from Earth.

Photos: Reuters, AFP

Sources: Reuters, AFP

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