GALLERY: US woman took her dying dog on a bucket-list adventure

Lauren Fern Watt's best friend was her 73kg english mastiff, Gizelle.

When she found out last year that the dog had terminal bone cancer, she was devastated.

The 25-year-old woman wrote on her blog: "Together Gizelle and I had been through college, boyfriends, our early 20s, and a move from simple Tennessee to big and scary New York City. This dog wasn’t just my best friend, she was my roommate and confidant."

Ms Watt decided to make the most of Gizelle's remaining time by taking her on a bucket-list adventure

After the dog died earlier this month, she shared her story on Yahoo! Travel. 

"It was my mission for us to indulge and explore life's joys," said Ms Watt.

She said the adventure helped her cope with the loss of her pet and view life in a different way. 

Here are some of the things they did.

Go for a canoe ride

See the Times Square

Eat ice cream on a dock

Go on a road trip

Cuddle as much as possible

Find the best doughnut in the world

Sit on the beach in the winter

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