Get jittery on flights? British Airways launches Paws and Relax channel

Could cute animal videos be the cure for jumpy and irritated passengers on flights?

British Airways (BA) is betting on it. 

They've launched a new channel on their inflight entertainment system called Paws and Relax for long-haul flights, reports The Huffington Post. 

Yes, it's just adorable kittens, adorable puppies and adorable furry things 24/7 on the channel. 

BA's inflight entertainment manager Richard D'Cruze explains that his team had discovered research that proves "watching images of cute animals can actually lower your heart rate and reduce stress levels". 

That may explain why famous cats like Keyboard Cat and Grumpy Cat have generated millions of views on YouTube. 

There'll be animated cats as well, like the online series Simon's Cat:



Other programmes have titles like Secret Life of Cats and America's Cutest Dog. 

This is the latest initiative from BA to make sure their passengers are happy and relaxed. 

In June, it announced it would start screening a seven-hour film showing a rail journey through Norway.

Earlier this year, the company tested a "happiness blanket", which tracked for passengers' fluctuations in mood throughout a flight. 

Sources: The Huffington Post, Bloomberg

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