Goosebuster drone ensures a no-poop zone

Geese in Ottawa, you have been warned. 

Should you land at the beach this summer in Canada’s capital, be prepared to be chased away by a remote-controlled helicopter with flashing lights and blasting the menacing howl of a gray wolf.

Such scare tactics might seem a tad drastic, but these wandering waterfowl are a real pest when they return to the Ottawa River during the summer season.

Not only are they aggressive and territorial, they also leave behind poisonous poop​, which can lead to health problems in humans, reported Modern Farmer.

This is where the GooseBuster, a modified aerial photography drone, comes in. 

On rainy days, the GooseBuster's counterpart, a remote-controlled one-fifth scale monster truck, takes over scare duties. 

Source: Modern Farmer

Photo: AFP