Guess which is the busiest flight route in the world? You’ll be surprised

More than seven million people flew on this route — the world’s busiest — last year.

But the two cities are not your usual destination. It is neither in Europe or Brazil or China.

The busiest route in the world a 90-minute hop from Sapporo to Tokyo, Japan, Mail Online reported.

Data prepared by FlightStats for The Huffington Post shows that 7.4 million passengers travelled from Sapporo to Tokyo on 29,858 flights last year.

The return leg is the world’s second busiest route, transporting 7.3 million passengers on 29,484 flights.

Daily flights from Sapporo to Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda airports, depart every five to 30 minutes on a number of carriers. 

93,000 flights a day

FlightStats said more than 8.3 million people took to the skies every day on more than 93,000 flights last year. 

Here are the top 10 busiest routes in the world last year, according to FlightStats
1. Sapporo-Tokyo (29,585 flights, 7,404,740 passengers)
2. Tokyo-Sapporo, (29,484, 7,376,637)
3. Seoul-Jeju, South Korea, (37,167, 6,939,204)
4. Jeju-Seoul, (36,809, 6,872,450)
5. Sao Paulo-Rio de Janeiro (37,520, 6,094,249)
6. Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo (37,420, 6,085,195)
7. Tokyo-Fukuoka, Japan (25,214, 5,886,273)
8. Fukuoka-Tokyo (25,130, 5,872,756)
9. Sydney-Melbourne (26,534, 4,997,700)
10. Melbourne-Sydney (26,512, 4,978,161)

Source: Mail Online, Huffington Post


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