Has local app Carousell turned into Carouhell? Here are seven hilarious exchanges between Carousell users

As always, the Internet never fails to disappoint. This time, Carousell, a local online marketplace app that allows people to buy and sell their items, is bringing us the laughs.

The app has an instant messaging function to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers. Of course, there are bound to be some... weirdos (we say it with love).

So a blogger decided to compile hilarious (and sometimes puzzling) screengrabs of real conversations on Carousell. And it is appropriately titled Carouhell.

There is also another similar blog called Carousell Comedy.

Here, we bring you the six conversations that will make you go: "Seriously?!"

1. The price is never right. In carousell, it seems the unspoken rule is to "always nego".


2. Because a 12-year-old boy needs an iPhone 5S


3. I want this... but can I buy it next year please?


4. This reminds me that I still have 70 per cent full Eclipse mints. What do you think ... $0.50? 


5. I have to say that I admire this "young boy's" confidence.


6. Carousell has many functions and apparently one of them is to educate others on personal hygiene. 


7. Meet up in London for a Fred Perry shirt?

Source: Carouhell, Carousell Comedy

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