He makes S$5m a year cursing and playing video games

Why work your socks off when you can make US$4 million (S$5 million) a year cursing while playing video games from home?

Mr Felix Kjellberg, 24, creates video commentaries on his YouTube channel "PewDiePie".

The videos are often filled with expletives and silly antics as he plays popular games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Surgeon Simulator. 

The channel has more than 27 million subscribers.

The Swede who lives in Brighton, England, has chalked up more than 4.7 billion views to date. 

He makes US$4 million (S$5 million)​ in advertisement sales a year, most of it profit, reported Mail Online. 

Reason for success

Mr Kjellberg told the Wall Street Journal what he felt was the reason for his success: "Unlike many professionally produced shows, I think I've established a much closer contact with my viewers, breaking the wall between them and what's behind the screen.

"What I and other YouTubers do is a very different thing, it's almost like hanging around and watching your pal play games.

"My fans care in a different way about what they are watching."

Sources: Daily Mail, Wall Street Journal