Better smoothies for smoother skin

Here are some ingredients for anti-ageing from the inside out

You may think that all your skin tribulations are due to stress, hormones, ageing and poor genetics, but there is more that goes into the condition of your skin.

Whoever said beauty is only skin deep forgot to mention that the real skin fixes lie within too ­- inside our bodies, that is.

Our skin is just another organ that uses the food we eat as fuel to function properly.

Even the most expensive of skincare products cannot save us from our poor diets - what we put on top of our skin can penetrate only so deep and do only so much.

To achieve radiant, clear skin, we have to eat the right foods so that our skin can function well from the inside.

If you have been using product after product with no major difference, get your blender and add these beautifying ingredients to your next smoothie for an everlasting glow.


Cucumber, celery and spinach contain antioxidants that will detox your skin by promoting cell renewal, while flaxseed fights redness and inflammation.

An alternative to pore-clogging dairy milk in your smoothie is matcha.

Green tea contains EGCG (a potent antioxidant), a catechin that helps treat acne.

You can also add powdered maca - a superfood derived from a root native to Peru - to your smoothie when your time of the month is approaching.

Maca balances out hormones to reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms. It might just be your answer to warding off the dreaded period breakout.


Show sunspots they are no longer welcome on your skin by mixing some carrots into your smoothie.

These root vegetables have high levels of beta carotene, an antioxidant that tackles cell damage and slows down the ageing of cells.

Throw in some pomegranate seeds - they reduce signs of ageing caused by sun exposure - and a banana - it contains vitamins A, B and E, all of which have anti-ageing properties - for extra age-combating benefits.

Bee pollen is a great option that battles free radicals, which cause wrinkles and dark eye rings.


Chia seeds and walnuts will best meet your needs for this as they are a source of omega-3.

Omega-3 fatty acids fight skin dullness as they bolster the skin cell membrane of the epidermis, acting as a protective barrier against harmful environmental pollutants.

Kale is rich in vitamin K, which is great for decreasing puffiness under the eyes. It also has a mild sulphur content, which can help reduce redness and smooth out skin texture.

Healthy fats found in avocados and coconut oil work to build soft, radiant and supple skin.

And of course, you cannot forget about blueberries, the proprietor of the highest antioxidant capacity among all fruits.

You may also want to get yourself a blueberry fix the morning after a night of partying to combat lifeless and hungover skin.


Here is the super ingredient that will help you achieve flawless skin: collagen.

It is what repairs and strengthens the skin, giving it its suppleness and elasticity.

Our bodies may naturally produce collagen, but collagen production slows as we age, causing wrinkles and dullness.

To assist the natural collagen production in your body, add carrots and strawberries to your smoothie.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits have the ability to help convert amino acids into collagen.

Or if you prefer a more straightforward approach, simply mix in ingestible collagen in powder form to your smoothie.

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