Cheryl Miles hits bridal fitness goals with juice fast, rhythm cycling

Cheryl Miles shares her fitness secrets and tips on getting in shape before her big day

Local radio personality Cheryl Miles, 43, who is also senior presenter of ONE FM 91.3, will be tying the knot with her beau Matthew Nixon on Aug 25 in his hometown of Missouri, US.

We find out more about how she has been hitting her bridal fitness goals in time for her big day.

So how is your weight-loss programme coming along?

I used to be so disciplined with my fitness and diet routine. I love to eat but I used to be able to balance my diet well.

During our courtship, Matthew wined and dined me all the time, and in return, I cooked some truly decadent meals. I just could not find the time to hit the gym. As a result, we have both put on weight since we met.

My biggest bridal beauty goal is to retrain my appetite and regain my stamina, strength and flexibility, and to get rid of bad habits.

I signed up for an eight-week LEAN Lite programme with HIC Juice (based on the 5:2 diet) where I drink only juice two days a week. This helps me curb my appetite for meat so I cook vegetarian meals instead. On days that I am fasting, I keep my fitness activities light with maybe a yoga session.

The juice fasts also came in really handy for weight management during the last few weeks of our wedding planning because things got pretty intense... as I decided to do a few DIY projects to save money.

Coordinating everything meant I did not have time to hit the gym so controlling my calorie intake with juice fasts helped with getting the nutrition and energy I needed to get everything done.

How about your fitness regimen?

I signed up for the opening promotion at the newly opened gym Absolute You where you are offered 100 classes with 20 thrown in free, which is an average of two to three classes a week.

I love its rhythm cycling class, which is a great low-impact cardio exercise that burns heaps of calories and works up a sweat.

I also take Pilates reformer classes to help strengthen and stretch out tight areas that I can't reach otherwise.

I do yoga to tone my arms, legs and core as well.

I need fun and effective classes to get motivated and find my groove again. I have also signed up for 5km and 10km runs to keep me on my toes.

I engaged the help of a dancer friend of mine, Sheena Seah, who owns dance studio Danz People, to choreograph our first dance. It has been a great way to bond with Matthew and to reignite my passion for dance. Plus, it is good exercise.

Her World Brides' advice:

Decide what are your beauty goals before embarking on a fitness regimen.

According to research, a proper, healthy diet will help you lose weight more effectively than exercise. Find a balanced diet to fit your lifestyle and fitness aims.

Besides losing weight, stamina and endurance are important as your wedding prep and celebrations will be long, tiring affairs.

If you are someone who needs motivation, gym classes are a great way to enjoy your fitness regimen.

Don't forget to chill out after all that exercising. Yoga will help you stretch your muscles after hard workouts, and also relax and calm your mind after all that stressful wedding prep.

Any other advice for brides-to-be?

My diet is not super strict, it should be sustainable and easy to manage. I also have at least one cheat day a week - wine and cheese or dining out every now and then.

I still have a social life but eating healthy and my workouts are now a priority. I have also bought a bunch of supplements and vitamins to keep my energy up.

Her World Brides' advice:

Always find the best fitness regimen to suit your lifestyle. You can sacrifice some things but do not do it to the extent that you are miserable. Getting prepped for your wedding should be a happy and enjoyable experience.

As with everything, do not overdo it. Too much exercise and dieting will have negative repercussions. If unsure, check with a medical professional who will help you organise a plan.

Cheryl Miles hits bridal fitness goals with juice fast, rhythm cycling

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