How to recover from a cold quickly

Take an exercise break

Your body needs all the energy it can get to recuperate, so put vigorous workouts on hold for now.

If aching muscles are bothering you, some gentle stretches should suffice.

Have a hot shower or steam bath

It will aid in relaxing tense muscles, while the steam may help with clearing your sinuses.

For better results, a minty shower gel or shampoo could provide even more relief.

Try a facial massage

When you are feeling all clogged up and a headache is coming on, give yourself a few minutes of acupressure facial massage to assist with clearing your nasal cavities.

Using the tips of your fingers, apply gentle pressure to the sides of your nose, the areas between your nose and cheekbones, and also push up against your inner brows (where your eye sockets meet your nasal bones).

Drink a smoothie

Even though most people believe cold drinks are bad when you have a cold, sometimes a cool sip can help soothe a sore throat. A tasty blend of veggies and fruit will also keep your nutrition and hydration levels up when you have no appetite.

Soak in the sun

While it may be tempting to stay curled up in bed all day, try to step out of your stuffy germ-filled room for a bit.

Some fresh air and warm sun will do you good.

A nice stroll will also help with blood circulation to speed up your recovery process.

Eat some garlic

Not only is garlic a tasty addition to most dishes, it has been proven to boost immunity and fight viruses.

It does have the downside of stubbornly lingering on your breath the whole day, if that is an issue, there are garlic supplements you can take that promise to limit the noxious odour produced.

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