How to sneak in a workout any time, anywhere

Caught in a traffic jam? Stuck in a long line for your favourite hawker food?

These are the perfect times to sneak in a quick exercise.


Stuck in the back of a car in morning traffic? Tell yourself that it is just another opportunity to exercise.

Get rid of neck and shoulder aches by doing light stretches. This reduces tension and increases blood circulation.

Alternatively, you can get in a few sets of single-arm bicep curls using a full water bottle.


Since you need something discreet to take up less room and prevent curious stares, this is a great option. Yoga bandhas, or locks, help to engage specific muscles and improve mindfulness. This movement often helps tone up the body and strengthen the core, allowing one to do more stable and advanced movements.

To do a tummy-locking band, suck your belly in and hold (as if you are doing a crunch). Exhale and repeat. You may do this with forceful exhales as well. To up the challenge, hold your breath after exhaling and draw the ribs up.


Queueing up gets boring, so most of us start developing bad posture by putting our bodyweight on one foot and leaning our body to one side.

To reduce restlessness, try calf raises. Standing with your legs hip width apart, stand on your toes. Hold for a few moments and lower your heels. Repeat as many times as you can.


How do you burn calories while binge-watching your favourite TV show? Deep, slow squats are a great option. Try butt kickers - running on the spot with your heels touching your rear or high knees.

You can do the basic version, which involves raising the knee to the chest, or try variations such as bringing your knee to touch the opposite elbow.


There are ways to stay active while lounging at home. It takes mere minutes to complete a 30-second plank, a superman (lifting your hands and feet off the ground) and sideways leg raises to work the inner thighs. - CARISSA WONG

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