Liv Lo on her FitSphere portal, keeping fit with hubby Henry Golding

Taiwanese-Italian fitness celeb talks about fitness, FitSphere and family

After doing yoga for over a decade, Liv Lo decided she wanted more.

During her quest to find a functional workout plan, the 33-year-old Taiwanese-Italian host and fitness entrepreneur launched fitness website FitSphere last year, which offers yoga-inspired workout videos.

FitSphere First is a 12-part online subscription of yoga and high-intensity interval training (Hiit) videos.

Last month, Lo - who is married to British-Malaysian actor Henry Golding - led a group through a heart-pumping Hiit workout as part of the Swisse Sweat Session event organised by vitamin and supplement brand Swisse.

How would you describe FitSphere?

FitSphere is basically fit yoga. I have been practising yoga for 12 years and teaching for three.

My foundation is in yoga, and I really love that it teaches you the right alignment. Basic yoga postures are the foundation for a lot of exercises. For example, a squat is like a chair or lunge.

Once you have that foundation and you have that body awareness, you can go into dynamic movements.

What motivated you to start FitSphere?

After many years of doing yoga, I found it was not enough for me. When I was teaching, I started to put some Hiit moves in the yoga class.

Then I taught it at a workshop and it got so popular, I had to teach in a bigger space. I was teaching 16 workshops a year and four workshops on some weekends.

It was more than I could physically give. I started FitSphere to take everything online.

You are into Hiit and yoga. Do you plan to incorporate anything else into your fitness routine and FitSphere?

Yeah, weights. Also, running or any kind of cardio. I am into functional fitness - anything that is going to get your heart rate up and then balanced with a good stretch. A lot of my programmes combine those.

Who should try FitSphere?

FitSphere is very much my personal practice and what I like to do. I find that is what people connect with me on. They also travel a lot, with pockets of time here and there.

It has been fun to be able to reach out to the audience and help them benefit from a fitness lifestyle that can be incorporated into their daily lives.

How do you stay motivated after so long and with such a busy schedule?

Other students inspire me. Teaching inspires me. Making videos and creating programmes pushes me to keep developing, and that is where I get my best feedback from. I love working with people and working out with people.

To stay inspired, I go to new classes. I just tried spinning, and when I was in New York, I tried a running-based workout.

I like to keep mixing things up. I enjoy Hiit and yoga as well as bodyweight workouts because they are never the same.

They can always be different, and that is why they always kick my ass.

Do you follow a certain diet?

I take vitamins because they give me a boost of energy and endorphins. It is important, especially when you travel a lot and your body gets low on energy.

Drinking sufficient water and having proper meals are so important in maintaining a balanced diet. I don't follow fad diets.

When I take vitamins, I drink more water. I like taking Vitamin C supplements before I emcee or if I am doing a hosting job.

Do you work out with your husband of two years?

Yeah, I do. He comes for my classes sometimes or we go to the gym. We may not do the same workout, but we will exercise in the same room. He knows what he likes to do.

Sometimes, we do partner workouts at the end or help each other stretch. That is really nice.

Occasionally, we go for a run together, but he is always faster than me. (Laughs.) So we don't hold hands, but he will meet me at the finishing line.

How has your life changed after Golding's acting debut in the hit movie Crazy Rich Asians? Your Instagram followers have almost doubled to 139,000.

We have been preparing for this for a year and a half already, as he filmed it a long time ago.

FitSphere came from that need to travel and be on the road. I knew I was going to be with him wherever he was. Taking everything online and going digital has really helped with that.

I get to reach a bigger audience, and at the same time be able to keep up with Henry.

What are your fitness goals in the near future?

I am creating a new online programme called FitSphere Force. I have been teaching that class in person for the past year and it has been a real hit. It involves using a sphere and weighted balls.

I am still working with Reebok so I will be leading another fitness retreat and doing a couple more fitness things with it.

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