Here's a cool app for single-handed selfies

Tired of awkward two-handed selfies? 

A Swedish tech company has created an app that lets you take a self-portrait using hand gestures, reported Daily Mail. 

Touting it "touchless technology", Crunchfish's free GoCam app allows users to close and open their palms to launch a self-timer for photo or video-taking. 

Those with long arms need not worry as Crunchfish claims gestures can be read up to 3m away.

Said chief executive Joakim Nydemark: "Even though a number of handset vendors globally are integrating our touchless software for different features into their devices, we wanted to develop GoCam in order to show the capabilities of gesture interaction also in the iOS environment."

The only catch?

The app is only available in Sweden and Australia on Apple devices for now, reported ITV.

Watch the video introduction to the app here

Sources, Daily Mail, ITV