This ice cream changes colour when you lick it

Would you eat ice cream that changes from periwinkle blue to purple as you lick it?

(Don't worry. It's 100 per cent safe, made of natural ingredients and has a tutti-frutti taste.)

We're not sure we would. But Mr Manuel Linares, 37, believes there's a market for his creation.

The Spaniard came up with his one-of-a-kind recipe during an ice cream making course at the Hotel Business School Hoffman in Barcelona.

His course tutor laughed at his idea. (We don't blame him, we would have too.)

But Mr Linares​, who has a degree in physics and engineering​, persisted.

Mirror reported him as saying: "As a physicist I know that there are various possibilities that might work and I was delighted when I managed to crack it and create an ice cream that changes colour."

We're not sure what causes the ice cream Xamaleon (think "chameleon") to change colour.

But the man revealed that the scoop of ice cream is sprayed with a "love elixir" before it is served. The elixir helps to speed up the colour changes, Gizmodo reported.

Mr Linares​ is selling Xamaleon at his shop in Calella de Mar, Barcelona, reported Mail Online. He has applied for a patent for his creation.

Sources: Mail Online, Mirror, Gizmodo

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