If you thought Miss Universe Singapore's national costume was bad, you haven't seen these...

Did you think Miss Universe Singapore Rathi Menon's national costume was tacky?

Well, just what exactly is the justification for covering up those gorgeous legs with stars?

A number of comments bemoaned the fact that the outfit had nothing to do with Singapore.

But maybe they were not paying attention. The costume was covered with stars and included a wing that had stars and a crescent on it.

So for those wondering "How is that Singaporean?", look at our flag.

But even though it looked inspired by Ziggy Stardust, it was demure compared to some other national costumes on display.

Here are a few choice creations.


1. We know ice hockey is your national sport, Miss Canada but did we really need a score board? 0 points for you. 

P.S. Ice Hockey must be really popular because this was in the Top 5 when Miss Universe asked its Facebook fans to vote for their favourite national costumes.

2. Is this Miss Mars? No? Oh, it's Miss Trinidad & Tobago. She looks fun, though. Not everyone can pull off the one-woman carnival look.

3. If Miss USA doesn't make it to the top 10, she could take flight. Not a costume to wear in even the slightest breeze.

4. Is is Halloween again so soon? Miss Great Britain apparently went to the costume shop and picked "Sexy Queen's Guard" of the rack.

5. One of Singapore's previous costumes was infamously inspired by our national flower. Miss Venezuela's explosively loud costume was inspired by their national tree, Tabebuia Chrysantha.

6. Miss Colombia, you're not in the Sports Hub. You can close that umbrella now.

7. Somebody did not get the memo about fancy dress. At least our costume isn't as bland as Miss Slovak Republic's.

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