Ikea does it again by building an apartment showroom into rock-climbing wall

Imagine this. You're rock-climbing and about to reach the summit and you see a... bed?

Well, it's not a dream.

Ikea built an apartment showroom into a vertical rock-climbing wall to promote the opening of its 30th store in Clermont-FerrandFrance last week.

The Swedish furniture giant recently went viral with its Singapore-made Bookbook ad, and now they're shaking things up again with the help of marketing firm Ubi Bene.

The public is allowed to climb the "wall", which is 9 metres ​ high and 10 metres wide. Filled with steps and grips, anyone who is interested can climb the wall and see various furniture like beds, cabinets, and tables. 

Tired? You can even have a seat on a chair.

Source: AdWeek,

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