India's first Indian doll hits the market

An Indian fashion designer has designed and developed an Indian ​doll​, Kiyaa, and has begun marketing it online.

Techie-turned entrepreneur ​Hima Sailaja Theerdhala hit on the idea of bringing out an Indian teenage doll as many children around the world proudly own the Iranian "Fulla", the Korean "Pullip", the Chinese "Sara" and the US "Barbie" while the world's second largest country does not have a doll which they can claim as their own, reported AFP. 

The teenage fashion doll, with an Indian face and named "Kiyaa" meaning "cooing of the bird", comes with five traditional outfits and is due to be launched in October. 

 Indian fashion designer Hima Sailaja Theerdhala posing with her fashion doll "Kiyaa" at her studio in Hyderabad. Photo AFP 

Sailaja faced innumerable hurdles on course to developing the doll, reported The Hindu.

She has also been lacing together a series of costumes around the doll and writing stories that could connect with Indian values and kids.

Shailaja said she first hit upon the idea of an Indian doll during a transit halt in Dubai airport, where there was Barbie show. 

Forming a design boutique house Shel Studio – Design n Events, she designs dresses for kids and is planning to offer them online and offline.

Shailaja has spent over 50 lakh (S$10,000) so far and has used up all her savings.

“But, in the end, I have a doll with an Indian heart and soul that imparts value, culture and history,” she told The Hindu.

Source: AFP, The HIndu