Inspiring 6-year-old will wow you with her surfing and skating skills

Meet Quincy Symonds - a six-year-old who struggles with congenital adrenal hyperplasia, a birth defect that leaves her unable to produce the hormone cortisone.

Despite suffering from a condition that leaves her needing intensive medical treatment when she's ill as well as taking medication three times a day, the plucky Australian doesn't shy away from the two extreme sports she loves best - surfing and skating.

She's so good at them, her surfing coach Anthony Pope reckons "she's probably close to the best six-year-old skater and surfer in the world right now".

Quincy handles her board - be it on the water or in a skate park - with so much ease, she looks no different from a veteran who's been doing it for years.

You can catch Quincy, who's nicknamed the Flying Squirrel after she tried to mimic a wild squirrel while she was still a toddler growing up in the US, in action in the video above.

Hopefully, she'll inspire you to be daring enough to try something outside of your comfort zone.

Source: ABC Open Vimeo via Mirror Online

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