iPhone 6 not ready yet, but you can already buy a case for it

Talk about being early.

Korean mobile accessories company Spigen has already started pre-orders for cases for the iPhone 6, a month before the actual phone is rumoured to debut. 

So, how do the good folks at Spigen know exactly what the phone's specs are? 

Maybe they do, maybe they don't - according to CNET, the company said it "based the look of the iPhone 6 on leaked data". 

The website shows three different types of phone cases - the "thin fit", the "ultra hybrid" and the "tough armour", all of which come in different colours. 

iPhone 6 cases from Spigen

Prices range from US$14.99 (S$18.70) to US$34.99. 

iPhone 6 rumours

Rumours of the new iPhone coming in two screen sizes of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches have been flying around so long they're now generally considered as fact.

But while the 4.7-inch phone is all but confirmed, the 5.5-inch phone, while possibly in the works, may be released at a later date. 

A recent report from tech website Recode has the phone making its debut at a media event on Sept 9. 

Sources: CNET, Recode

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