Just 5, she has a million Instagram followers, and has been showered with gifts from luxury brands

This five-year-old has 1.1 million Instagram followers – all because she's cute.

Internet sensation Breanna Youn, who is of Korean and Filipino descent, is adored by people all over the world, reported Mail Online.

The little darling has been flown across the globe in business class and showered with gifts from luxury brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

It all started when her mother, Mrs Youn, posted photos of her on Facebook.

Strangers started begging her to set up a fan page for her girl, and when she did, Breanna's popularity boomed.

Mrs Youn told Mail Online, "I don't know why people love Breanna so much. She does not have any special talent that she is good at like dancing and she does not do much on camera. She only does a little drama and smiles and poses.

"But she has something inside her that makes people love her and makes them happy. She is just very sweet."

She is so loved in the Middle East that the whole Youn family is now living in Dubai rent-free, thanks to wealthy sponsors.

She has a seven-year-old brother but who is not at all famous like her.

Instead of their cramped flat in South Korea, they now stay in five-star hotels and are driven around in limousines.

The Youns have converted from being Catholic and Mormon to Islam.

Mr Youn denied that they were addicted to fame, but said he worries how things will be when she grows up.

He said: "I hope people keep loving her. Sometimes I worry about what will happen in the future when they grow up. We cannot stop this now. If Breanna is sick and we do not post a picture or video for three or four days, we are bombarded with thousands of e-mails from every country asking what happened.

"We are treated like famous actors here. Even if we are in a restaurant and Breanna is hungry, people hug and kiss her and you cannot say no."

Photos: Instagram, Facebook

Source: Daily Mail, Instagram

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