Kill bugs with this salt gun

Still stuck with the old newspaper roll or the inefficient fly swatter to get rid of pests? 

Use the Bug-A-Salt instead - a powerful air-rifle that shoots ordinary table salt, but at high speeds. at bugs. 

Made by American start-up Skell, it requires no batteries and holds enough salt for 50 shots. 

The pump-action fly-killer has already been bought by almost 100,000 people in the US for US$39.95 (S$49.70), reported Daily Mail.

No mess

Unlike traditional methods, there will be no mess after the target is killed. 

The pop-up sight allows you to play sniper from up to three feet (91 cm) away. 

A Skell spokesman said: "This is a completely safe way to take out an annoying bug.

"Because it uses ordinary granulated table salt, it would never break the skin on even the smallest child - although we do not recommend firing it at people."

Even if you don't kill any bugs, you are guaranteed to have a blast. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Bug-A-Salt website