Magic number? Poll says: Sex 11 times a month = 1 happy woman

Doesn't matter if you're a man or woman.

If you want to keep your significant other happy, then pay heed: Women need sex 11 times a month to be happy.

A 2009 study by American psychotherapist-author Gary Neuman has put a number on the optimum times for action between the sheets: Eleven.

Unhappily married women have sex only three or four times a month.

He's putting together a series of videos on the research. But Mr Neuman didn't explain why 11 is the magic number after he polled more than 400 women about their sex lives.

According to International Business TimesThe Huffington Post and Malaysian news website Astro Awani, Mr Neuman also pointed out three topics of conversation that kill sexual arousal between couples.

He said:

 "Believe it or not, it was not about satisfaction of the sex, it was about the frequency versus infrequency.

"Sexuality in marriage is connected to the emotional connectedness of the spouses but sometimes that time needs to be planned out.

"Go out on a weekly date night and talk about anything except the three subjects you always discuss: money, work, and kids.

"Those conversations aren't what made you fall in love with each other and they won't sustain your love either."

WATCH: Mr Gary Neuman talks about sex, woman and the magic number 11


Sources: International Business Times. The Huffington Post, Astro Awani

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