Add finishing touch to CNY feasts with Golden Chef

Forget about hours in kitchen with products from FairPrice's private label brand

It is the third day of the Chinese New Year, and the celebrations are far from over.

Friends and families continue to go visiting, and reunion dinners and festive feasting are still going on.

Whether you want to put together a heartwarming home-cooked meal or simple takeaway for a house party, condiments are vital to enhance the flavours of your food.

Since you probably already have your hands full with activities, you will want to save time in the kitchen.

Help is at hand with the new range of condiments from Golden Chef, a private label brand created by FairPrice more than 10 years ago.

It will infuse even the simplest dishes with something special and impress your guests.

While it is better known for its wide selection of quality canned abalone and seafood - of which Golden Chef offers more than 15 choices - it recently developed a series of condiments suitable for all kinds of cuisine.

First, there are the Golden Chef Japanese Dressings, available in Roasted Sesame (400g) and Sesame Soy (425g), which are produced in Japan.

The former's texture is creamy and nutty with a tinge of sweet and sour aftertaste (promotional price $7.65, retail selling price $9.60), while the latter is light and savoury and enhances your food's flavour (promotional price $6.75, retail selling price $7.95).


Although it is best used as a dipping sauce for steamboat, salad, dumplings or gyoza, it is also delicious as a topping for all sorts of other cuisine. This promotion lasts till Feb 20.

Your Chinese New Year meals will not be complete without the traditional Chinese ingredient that is said to bring good fortune - abalone.

Get your abalone fix with Golden Chef Abalone Sauce (510g, promotional price $4.10, retail selling price $4.70), a healthier-choice product of Singapore, free of trans fat and with 25 per cent less sodium content than regular abalone sauce.

It is best paired with Golden Chef canned abalone and seafood and can be used as a substitute for oyster sauce. This promotion lasts till Feb 28.

If you are craving an even nuttier touch, look no further than Golden Chef 100% Pure Sesame Oil, also a product of Singapore that carries the healthier choice label as it is cholesterol-free.

It adds full-flavoured pureness to your dishes and is ideal for marinades, salads, stir-fries and soups.

It comes in two sizes - 360ml (promotional price $4.35, retail selling price $4.85) and 650ml (promotional price $6.95, retail selling price $7.75) - and the promotion lasts till Feb 28.

So hurry down to FairPrice, get these condiments at the special price and add the perfect finishing touches to your meals.

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