Vending machine clusters at Giant hypermarkets

Those who want meals on the fly can check out Giant's VendMart, a cluster of vending machines under one roof.

The local supermarket chain has collaborated with various partners to showcase the many unique and innovative vending machine concepts created in Singapore.

Housed at the Giant Tampines and Giant IMM hypermarkets from now until December, VendMart offers the widest variety of vending machine offerings - from hot and cold ready-to-eat meals to knick-knacks, grooming and pet supplies, gardening tools and toys - through traditional and claw machines.

"The addition of VendMart reinforces our commitment to provide our customers with a one-of-a-kind retail experience," said Mr Ruald Swart, chief executive officer of Giant, Diary Farm Singapore. "The vending machine is a trend that has been sweeping the world by storm, and we saw an opportunity to elevate it on a scale that customers have not experienced before."

Some notable vending machines include those by House of Seafood, which dispenses local delights such as chili crab and salted egg crab, and No Signboard Seafood, which offers a variety of seafood rice and noodles.

There are also vending machines by Mr Popiah, with freshly made popiahs with traditional savoury flavours and sweet options such as chocolate banana or ice cream, and Boxgreen, which delivers natural and nutritious snacks.

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