Man discovers his stomachaches are actually menstrual cramps

A 44-year-old married man from China found out he was on his period after going to the doctor for stomachaches and blood in his urine.

As though, that wasn't a shock, this man discovered that he had a full set of female reproductive organs.

Yes, he found out he was a woman in his mid-40s.

The man, known as Chen, was constantly feeling tired and had a swollen face and legs. He had even found blood in his urine, the Shanghaiist reported.

He knew something wasn't right, but he certainly did not expect the CT scan to reveal that he had a uterus and ovaries.

Results from a chromosome examination also showed that Chen had a pair of XX sex chromosomes, meaning that Chen was genetically a female.

He was also found to be suffering from Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. This genetic disease causes the adrenal glands to swell due to a decrease in stress hormone and an increase in male sex hormones. 

The Shanghaiist reported that doctors at the First People's Hospital of Yongkang were perplexed as they had no idea that Chen was a female at first.

But after examination, they found that the man did not possess an Adam's apple. They said that his genitals were also different from other men's.

Doctors doubted his claim that Chen had a sex life with his wife.


Source: Shanghaiist